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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Fall 2017 Begins October 8

Our goal is to make our Yoga Alliance Certified teacher training accessible to people who have a limited time but want to grow. Our training is 12 months long and we meet one Sunday and one weekday evening per month as a group. This gives our students time in between class to apply and process the life changing lessons you will learn in this training.

The Breathing Room is a small community centered studio where students and teachers find themselves becoming friends and colleagues. We work together, helping each other grow and learn new ways to look at ourselves and the world where we live. A Yoga practice helps us change our perspective often giving us new footing, allowing us to walk through this world in a more grounded, self-confident manner. This new self-confidence opens the doors of the world allowing us more “room to breathe.”

Many of our students take their experience from teacher training and put it to use in their daily lives. Teachers, therapists, nurses, parents, athletes, and management workers have taken these new learned skills to become more integrated, stress free and more centered in their daily and work lives.

Throughout our teacher training, you will gain practical teaching experience and leave with tools to effectively lead group and private classes.



At the Breathing Room, you will learn:

  • The history and multi-faceted approach that makes a yoga practice unique
  • An accessible Breathing practice
  • A comprehensive understanding of how the body works as a unit
  • Basic anatomy of yoga and how if affects the nervous system
  • Healthy habits which include nutrition, breathing and how it relates to our body
  • How each of our bodies is not like the other and how a single yoga pose is a different experience for each of us and our students’ bodies
  • What Chakras are and how they relate to life
  • New ways to explore how we move and relate to everyday life
  • Meditation techniques to calm the mind and body for stress relief
  • How to teach, modify and and demonstrate yoga poses
  • The principles of the Koshas and how a yoga practice affects the body in its entirety
  • Philosophy of yoga including the Chakras  and the Kleshas
  • Meditation and stress relief including emotions, mind and body
  • How to relate these philosophies to real life

We will be keeping this class to 10 students for community building and a more personal growth experience. We are a non-profit studio which allows us to keep our prices reasonable. Our schedule will work around your work schedule. We are starting October 8, 2017.

Times will consist of a yearlong session as follows:

  • 2nd Sunday of the month for 6 hours begins October 8th, 2017 (Total hours 72)
  • 4th Thursday evening of the month for 3 hours  (Total hours 36)
  • 2 Basic Writing assignments per month and reading requirements (Total hours 36)
  • 4 Free Classes/month during teacher training, mandatory at the Breathing Room (Total 48 hours)
  • One on One sessions with one of our 3 instructors (Total hours 3-5)
  • Private and group teaching experience (Total hours 5-10)

Pricing and Application Process:

$1800 for the full training – $200 non-refundable deposit upon signing. Full payment terms will be negotiated at time of signing. Please add 3% if paying with a card. As our studio is non-profit, our pricing is the most progressive in the area, we cannot accommodate discounts. If money is a deterrent, we can help you find a solution with one of our sponsors or other options open to our studio.

All applicants will be required to meet with one of our instructors for a brief application interview. A 1-2 year yoga practice is suggested, but not mandatory.

To sign up, or for more information, please email Roe HERE. or call Roe, (215) 370-5362.

Our qualified teachers who will be leading this training:

 Melissa Sharp TerrelsRoe PietropaulaAlbert Fung –