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Thai Massage Body Work November 11th Saturday

Traditional Thai Assisted-Yoga Bodywork is a hands on Healing Art System based on the Asian medical model of working on muscles, bones, joints, tissue and most importantly the body’s energy system called Sen Lines.

To assist in balancing the energy, I use my hands, thumbs, forearms, knees, legs, elbows and feet to guide you into a series of yoga-like stretches and asanas while you rest on a futon mat wearing comfortable clothing.

Instant positive results can be manifested from this type of bodywork.

Appointments begin at 11am
$25 for 30 minutes / $40 for 60 minutes

Walk-ins will not be accepted.

Pat is available for private sessions on a regular basis at Breathing Room.  Call for more information

Please call Roe to make an appointment (215) 370-5632

We are excited to be working with Renee at Lotus 8.  She will introduce us to  her line of essential oils, natural soaps, balms, and butters. Come to our regular scheduled yoga class where Renee will share a  bit of her knowledge about scents and how they can be beneficial to our health.  You will have the opportunity to test the aromatherapy and purchase if you would like to.  No obligation, just information!  Renee says “life is complicated, keep it simple”
As always, Breathing Room strives to work with like minded people, keeping health and well being alternative, affordable, so we all can grow together.
                                                       December 2nd, Saturday at 9am.


Yoga in the Park

Breathing Room and The Delaware River City Corp are coming together to bring yoga to our neighborhood parks.

We will do more yoga in the park in the spring of 2018
Pulaski Park
10am to 11am
Minimum Donation $5 per person

New to yoga?  This is a good place to start