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Sunday, September 24, 2017   Sun Salutations!!

In this workshop, we will focus on the poses that make up the sun salutations: Classical, A, and B. Special attention will be devoted to alignment in these poses, as well as transitioning smoothly from pose to pose. Come prepared to work on core engagement, which is critical to maintain proper form throughout the salutations, but most importantly, come prepared to have a great time as you explore this aspect of your practice! Sign up HERE!

Reiki Share – check back for our next Reiki Share Day

Reiki Share (2 practitioners)
See below for description
Sunday September 10th, 
Appointments begin at 12pm
$10 for 20 minutes

$25 for 30 minutes

$40 for 60 minutes

Please call Roe to make an appointment (215) 370-5632

Walk-ins will not be accepted.

There are times when we feel drained of energy, stressed out, on overload or come face to face with a physical, spiritual, or emotional crisis.  If, in moments like that, we take the time to sit by the ocean, watch a sunrise or walk through the woods, work in our garden or sit quietly in meditation, something changes in us. We are brought back into balance, brought to a state of relaxation where the body’s self-healing mechanism can be engaged.  It seems like we are absorbing what we need from the Universe and it brings us to a healing place.  Many people describe their experience of Reiki in similar ways. Reiki is a spiritual healing energy practice that can bring deep peace and relaxation.  This Japanese word (pronounced ray-key) refers to this subtle, sacred spiritual energy of the universe.  Reiki has become more widely accepted as a complement to Western health practices. 


Yoga in the Park

Breathing Room and The Delaware River City Corp are coming together to bring yoga to our neighborhood parks.

We will do more yoga in the park in the spring of 2018
Pulaski Park
10am to 11am
Minimum Donation $5 per person

New to yoga?  This is a good place to start