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Yoga Therapy

Melissa Terrels, Comprehensive Yoga Therapist –  Yoga Therapy is an integrated approach to whole life wellness. A session with a Yoga Therapist starts with looking at the whole life of the client. Work, diet, exercise, family life, and other daily life stressors. These stressors often create unhealthy mental and/or physical habits we may need to address and/or change. Yoga Therapy delves into these stressors and uses the many tools of yoga to empower the client to address these habits. Tools used may be one of or all of the following: Dietary adjustments, yoga poses, techniques to rest and relax, self-care techniques, calming ways to deal with anger and other emotions, functional ways to deal with work-related problems and many other holistic tools from her varied toolbox.

Melissa works in conjunction with medical doctors. A typical session lasts 55-60 minutes, starting with 10-15 minutes of discussion followed by yoga postures appropriate to the clients’ needs. The session is ended with possible homework and review.

Session prices:     1 Session $65.00, 5 session  $250. Initial 30-minute consultation, no charge

Please email me for more information. (Melissa at


Thai Body Work

Pat Ciaramella – As a well-being enthusiast, Pat has studied various aspects of the Asian culture for over 30 years.  She earned a black belt in Okinawan Karate, holds certificates in Tai Chi, a Reiki III Master, Vedic Conservatory, and certification from the Thai Healing Academy in Chang Mai, Thailand. Pat continues her education in Thai Yoga Bodywork education and offers sessions privately at The Breathing Room or in your home.  You may contact Pat at her business email address

What is Thai Yoga Bodywork?                                                                        

A hands on Healing Art System which is based on the Asian medical model of working not only with muscles, bones, joints and tissue but also with the body’s energy system, called – Sen Lines.

Thai Yoga can tone muscles, improve circulation, release muscular tension and spasm, increase metabolism, boost the immune system and balance the body energetically while inducing a calm mental state.  The result provides the recipient with both a physical and an energetic massage experience, reported to manifest instant positive results.
Sessions are given on a comfortable mat while the recipient wears casual clothing. The private personalized bodywork may include: flowing rhythmic compressions using the feet, knees, palms, elbows, forearms, fingers,  and are blended with exotic stretching positions known as asanas and disciplined breath control known as Pranayama.  

$25 for 30 minutes /$45 for 60 minutes


Reiki Share (2 practitioners)
See below for description
$25 for 30 minutes /$40 for 60 minutes

Please call Roe to make an appointment (215) 370-5632

There are times when we feel drained of energy, stressed out, on overload or come face to face with a physical, spiritual, or emotional crisis.  If, in moments like that, we take the time to sit by the ocean, watch a sunrise or walk through the woods, work in our garden or sit quietly in meditation, something changes in us. We are brought back into balance, brought to a state of relaxation where the body’s self-healing mechanism can be engaged.  It seems like we are absorbing what we need from the Universe and it brings us to a healing place.  Many people describe their experience of Reiki in similar ways. Reiki is a spiritual healing energy practice that can bring deep peace and relaxation.  This Japanese word (pronounced ray-key) refers to this subtle, sacred spiritual energy of the universe.  Reiki has become more widely accepted as a complement to Western health practices.

 Private yoga sessions

Hire one of our qualified teachers for a private session in our studio. This is great for people who may be too timid to come to a class, want to see what a yoga practice is all about, or want to go deeper into their yoga practice.

We strongly recommend at minimum, weekly sessions to gain the benefits yoga has to offer.

Email us. 1 session $25.00 (not recommended)

4 consecutive weekly sessions $100 ($25 each)

This is also a great idea for a group of friends who want to practice together and share costs! Prices change for groups.


Yoga Parties!

We can bring yoga to you! Our teachers love to do private yoga sessions for Bridal Parties, Wedding Day Yoga, Yoga before the big game, sports team yoga, meditation sessions for groups, and Yoga for Your Business. Interested? Drop us a line HERE.