Who We Are

Breathing room is a place for those who want to grow through Yoga, Art and Health Education.  Our small but cozy space allows for the intimacy Port Richmond possesses.

Classes are designed to welcome every person in their pursuit to physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Our goal is to keep classes affordable and moderate in size, while providing a knowledgeable and friendly atmosphere. 

We invite you to come and unwind from the distraction of daily life and find some breathing room.

What we offer



This Massage

Tarot Card Readings

Astrology Reading

Guided Meditation

Kids events and yoga workshops

Reike   Gina Klink

Certified Hypnotherapist  Judy Wolfe

Magnetic Healing Bracelets

visit Roe's Magnetic Healing Bracelets on faceBook.  

 Call The Breathing Room for information about our practitioners.                                  

 Thai Stretch  Massage            Gina Powlick

                                                     Pat Carimella

 Welcome to the...

Class Schedule

Class card : 5 classes for $40

Donation Classes with # $5

6:30 pm Gentle Yoga Stretch (Roe) #
7:45 pm Yogaerobics (Gina)
6:30 pm Hatha Yoga Beginners (Roe)
10::00 am. Hatha Yoga (Roe) #
6:30 pm Hot Vinyasa (Gina)
7:45 pm Into to Hot (Gina) This class is offered the first Wednesday of each month
7:45 Candlelight Moon class (Gina) 3rd Wednesday of the month
6:30 Vinyasa Slow Flow  (Regina)
9:30 Yoga in Campbell Square (please check schedule on FB)
11:00 am Yoga Plus (Roe) Yoga for larger bodies

 Yoga, Arts, and Wellness

Breathing Room

The Breathing Room is a non-profit yoga studio in the heart of Port Richmond, providing a space for healing, growth & exploration of body, mind & spirit.

3168 Richmond Street | Philadelphia, PA 19134