2926 Richmond Street | Philadelphia, PA 19134


The Breathing Room is a non-profit yoga studio in the heart of Port Richmond, providing a space for healing, growth & exploration of body, mind & spirit.


Class Schedule

Class card : 5 classes for $40

Donation Classes with # $5

Drop in class $10


6:30 pm  Practical Yoga (Beginner/all level ) (Roe) #


7:30 am Morning  Yoga (Albert)

6:30 pm Vinyasa (Mallory Yoga experience needed)(Mallory)


10:00 am  Practical Yoga #  (Roe)

6:30 pm Alignment Based Yoga (Albert)


Beginner series starting in October


9:00 am  Yoga Plus all levels ( thin bodies are welcome too! )

 Call The Breathing Room for information about our practitioners.                                  

 Thai Stretch  Massage            Gina Powlick

                                                     Pat Carimella

Massage Therapist                    Bill Meenan

Magnetic Healing Bracelets

visit Roe's Magnetic Healing Bracelets on faceBook.  

Reike   Gina Klink

Guidelines For Yoga Classes
Wear loose, comfortable clothing. No shoes.
Do not force, strain or stretch further if any discomfort is noticed. Success in Yoga is not measured by flexibility, learn to find inner-peace from Yoga. No headstands.
Do not eat a heavy meal two hours before Yoga stretching.
If your back hurts from sitting on the floor, please use props or a chair. No discomfort should be felt in a Yoga class.
For beginners, eight classes is recommended to determine if you plan to continue with Yoga for a longer duration.
We are a non-sectarian, philosophical approach to healthy living.

​​​Who We Are

Our mission as a non profit organization is to bring Breathing Room to the residents of the River Wards Area through affordable yoga, meditation and healthy lifestyle programs.